Monday, April 26, 2010

Traffic in Pedestrian Zone

Like most European cities, the center of our town is also a pedestrian zone.  However, many aspects of Ukrainian society do not function as they should.  The pedestrian zone in Mukachevo is over-run by automobiles.  Many of the young thugs seem to race their Mercedes down the walking streets without any regard for the moms pushing a stroller or the two-year old running happily along.  Once a car honked at me for being in his way.  I wasn't in any hurry to be pushed off to the side.  In principle, children should be able to run carefree and lovers walk hand-in-hand without fear of being hit by a car.  We are only a block from the pedestrian zone and it would be ideal if the children could ride their bikes there.  Unfortunately, in order to find a safe and flat place for them to ride, we have to drive them to a park on the other side of town.

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