Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of School

Boy am I tired!  Today was our first day of school at Kiev Christian Academy.  Everything was ready for my first day of teaching, and then last night at 9:30pm I realized I hadn't organized the supplies our kids needed to bring to school.  Backpacks were still filled with toys from the airplane and they were all sleeping soundly in their beds.  So much for being organized! I forgot to organize anything for my own kids!
Ready for the first day of school
 The day started out early.  We caught a ride with another teacher at 7:20am and we got there just about 8:00am.  Kids can come into the rooms at 8:20.  I didn't forget to take attendance and send it to the office.  I was worried I would so I wrote it on my plan for today.  Check!  We had chapel right away and then the rest of the day we got to know each other, played some math games to refresh their addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and took a spelling assessment, etc.  We went over some classroom procedures and jobs.  I had lots of questions surrounding the lunch time routine.  Since most of the students have been there longer than me, they were my wealth of information.  5th grader serve as the lunch monitors and are responsible for bringing all the lunches that need to be warmed up from the elementary classrooms to the cafeteria. 
Snack time

The "bars" at school

The soccer field at recess

Math games

Reviewing mathematical functions

Adding their names to the board in preparation for our class photo

I have a GREAT group of students - 11 in all.  I am really looking forward to the year ahead.  Today was a great start to the year, exhausting, but that's probably not going to change.

5th grade class