Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This and That

March is near its end and we're hoping for spring to arrive soon.  Here's a snapshot of what we did this month:

We celebrated George's birthday along with his dad's by going out to a Chinese restaurant.
Abigail decorated mugs for Dad and Grandpa
 We met a whole side of the family that we didn't know anything about.

A few of our relatives in Texas that we met for the first time at Grandma Mary's funeral

Sarah got her first strike in bowling (real bowling - not the Wii!). 

George managed to get a picture of my strike - really!
Elizabeth keeping score - hmm.... suspicious?

Abigail spent a week of school at the zoo.  It was cold but the kids did great, learned a ton about animals and their habitats, and had lots of fun!

Working on a group poster about chimpanzees

Petting an opossum.
Abigail did a study of the chimpanzees

Matthew - time warped!

Today Abigail got braces!