Saturday, February 15, 2014


Surreal. Paradox. Uncertain. These are words that I've heard the past few days to describe what it's like living a political crisis.  February 17 seems to be the day that could tip the uneasy balance.  But in some sense every day holds just as much potential.  Tensions are so high and the stakes are even higher.  One Ukrainian told me yesterday, "Whoever loses goes to prison.  There's nothing left to lose so I don't see a way out without conflict."  All along I've wondered what would be the peaceful resolution.  Does such an option exist?

So, what is it like to live as a normal person in Kyiv today?  Well, nothing really changes.  Our kids arrange sleep-overs.  We do Saturday morning chores.  George writes a sermon for tomorrow.  And then again, life is different.  We often check news sources for signs of any change.  We keep our car's tanks above half full.  We have prepared an evacuation plan and have a box of important documents ready to go. 
At school kids were given a day off (two for high school) so that teachers could prepare "Directed Independent Learning" in the event school has to close.  We planned two weeks of such lessons and are supposed to be ready from the first day school closes. 

Will the tensions dissolve away?  Will conflict start?  I have no idea.  One moment it looks like one scenario could become a reality.  The next moment the other.  I'm grateful for the "normalcy" of this present moment, but it is uneasy not knowing what the next hour, day, week, or month may hold.