Friday, August 20, 2010

"Tomorrow" Finally Delivered

For over a week - or was it two? - we've been waiting for Matthew's loft bed to be delivered.  Every time we thought TODAY would be the day, we were told "tomorrow".  I therefore decided that the word, "tomorrow", actually means "soon".  Well, yesterday we were told "tomorrow" and TODAY the bed was actually delivered! 

Since the 3 kids are sharing a bedroom and Elizabeth is nearly 3 years old and ready to move out of the crib, and I didn't want their bedroom to be full of just beds, (forgive the run-on sentence) I ordered a loft bed to be built.  Now the kids have their beds and floor space.  Once Elizabeth has adjusted to sleeping and staying put in a "big bed" we'll disassemble the crib and even more floor space will become available for the dolls' strollers, wheel-barrow, dollhouse, train track, etc, etc. 

Matthew likes his new bed but his comment at bedtime was, "I miss my bunk bed."

Monday, August 2, 2010

End of Summer Vacation

Chairs are arranged.  Alphabet letters decorate the wall.  Calendar is hung.  Lesson plans are ready. 

Today is the first day of DEVUYST's SCHOOL of LEARNING.  On Saturday I told the kids that we had only one day left of summer vacation.  Abigail's response was, "Can't we start tomorrow?"  After two years of homeschooling her enthusiasm for learning hasn't waned.  Matthew is so proud that he is now big enough to start kindergarten.  He found every book he could to put in his book nook. 

Before we ended the summer holiday, we celebrated Abigail's 7th birthday. 

We took a short vacation in Hungary with our friends from Romania.

Saturday we were invited to a friend's 5th birthday party in which the kids needed to come as knights and princesses.  I quickly put together a knight's costume for Matthew which he would hardly take off.

One advantage to homeschooling is that we can vacation when everyone else is in school and therefore prices and crowds drop.  At the end of August and beginning of September we are planning a two-week vacation to Holland.  Having booked 6 months in advance, we got a huge savings on a week's accommodation at  Center Parcs: Het Meerdal - a European chain of resorts.  The list of activities for children is astounding.  I can hardly wait! 

So, I guess there's still some summer vacation awaiting us...after a month of school!