Friday, December 19, 2014

Optimism by Candlelight

Optimism by Candlelight

Christmas vacation now greets me at last
May grading and teaching be a thing of the past
My alarm clock is off; I’m ready to rest
Will this Christmas twist be all for the best?

Twelve o’clock, eight o’clock here once again
The winter-time black-outs are set to begin
The house turns all quiet; the candles are lit
There’s nothing to do but sit still for a bit.

Laundry and dishes, computer and Wii
All are turned off to conserve energy
What do we do? This disrupts all our plans
We’re not so accustomed to giving up our demands.

So let’s try something different and pull out a book
Who knows what we’ll discover if we just take a look
Come gather ‘round, let’s play a new game

The lights are now out; we’ll have fun all the same.