Monday, October 29, 2012

A Different Church Every Sunday

For nine of the past eleven Sundays we have been in a different church.  Typically George has preached and we have led an hour Sunday school presentation.  The kids have enjoyed attending different Sunday Schools but yesterday I heard, "Do I have to hear this sermon AGAIN?"

 It has been great being together with so many people who have supported us and the ministry in Ukraine.  We enjoy sharing pictures and video to show how God has changed lives!  (This video is online; the others we will post after our home service is finished.)  It is encouraging to hear how many people have been praying and then be able to tell them how God has answered those prayers. 

Our display table

George gives a children's sermon

Matthew has the answer!

Whenever we can, we have participated in the evening worship at Kelloggsville CRC.  It is good for us and the kids to have some consistency and this is one of the few churches that has an evening program (Sunday School) for children.  George and I enjoy the round-table discussions and we all appreciate the fellowship over a meal.

We now take a break from visiting churches while George concentrates on his continuing education.  It will be a very busy time for him but he is excited about the program and enjoyed his first week last week.

Here are a couple pictures taken yesterday.

And here's one you won't see in person!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Colors

We have especially enjoyed being in Michigan for fall this year.  For some reason the colors of the trees aren't nearly so vibrant in Ukraine.  Everywhere we go we are in awe of the beauty!  My pitiful pictures don't nearly do it justice.  I wish our friends in Ukraine could see this!

Life is into a routine.  Interspersed are fun times like these...
Elizabeth paining fall colors

Abigail has a friend from school over on a rainy Saturday afternoon

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Message from Ukraine

Before we left Ukraine we set up a video camera as an "open mic" for anyone who wanted to send a message to those in the States who had supported and prayed for the ministry in Mukachevo.  It's a great testimony to how God uses each of us to bring His Kingdom around the world.