Monday, April 26, 2010

Longing for a New Heaven and New Earth

Abigail nearly cried herself to sleep tonight.  We have been following the story of a micro-preemie, Gracie Lou, born a little over a week ago.  She was born at 26 weeks gestation but developmentally was 22 weeks.  Today the doctors removed her from the incubator and gave her to her mother to hold as she died.  She's fought hard to live.  I don't know this baby or this family but I cry openly. 

At bedtime Abigail asks, "Why? Why does God let this baby die?"  Don't we all ask this question!  In a brave attempt to calm Abigail's fierce and righteous anger at this tragedy, I told her, "God is going to hold Gracie now.  She is going into his arms."  I turned the conversation to what it will be like when Jesus returns and we live in a New Heaven and New Earth.  "No more crying, no more dying.  We will run and play as princesses and princes with the King Himself!"  Abigail's eyes lit up, "Really?  Will I really be a princess?"  And Matthew asked, "Can I be a knight?"  Abigail added, "-with a noble steed." 

"YES! YES! And we will play and build robots and ride horses...."  The kids continued to add details to this beautiful scene.  Then the inevitable question, "When???  When will Jesus return?" 

"Maybe tomorrow, my children, maybe tomorrow....  Sweet dreams."

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