Sunday, September 15, 2013

Celebrating 6 Years

Unlike most people, September 11 has a good connotation for us.  Six years ago, our Elizabeth Anne was born!  George put it so well on Facebook, "6 years ago today 9/11 changed our lives forever as our incredible little girl, Elizabeth, was born. We have been incredibly blessed by her energetic embracing of life, of her love of mischief and her heart-melting smile. She has brought immeasurable joy to our life and we celebrate her today! We love you Elizabeth!!!"

On the day itself, Elizabeth was able to bring donuts into her classroom.  George spent a couple hours the night before searching for a place that sells donuts.  He found one, finally, under the ground in a metro passageway.  What a special treat!  That afternoon she also got to open her presents from family.  She got what she really wanted - thanks to help from our friends - a Journey Girl doll!
Present topper

Can't wait to open presents

Journey Girl doll, Meredith

The party was on Saturday.  We invited her 5 classmates and our good friends, Sveta, Denis, and their daughter Erika.  Three of her classmates were able to come (one ended up on the other side of town).  See if you can guess the theme.  We played "Pin the Ponytail on Barbie", "Barbie Shoe Drop," "Barbie Scavenger Hunt," and "Dress-up Relay." 

Pin the Tail on Barbie

Scavenger Hunt

Dress-up Relay girls

Reading the card


Yeah, a barbie doll!

Presents are the best part

George was able to find someone to make a Barbie cake. (Thank you, Sveta, for the reference.)  
The cake

It wouldn't be a Ukrainian birthday without a firework candle

Waiting for cake

Sveta and Erika

It was a fun day of celebration!  Happy birthday, Elizabeth!
The birthday girl