Thursday, May 17, 2012

Between the Boxes

A start on the 1,000 books
With only 8 weeks left before we head to the US, the packing is underway.  Before our home service, all of our belongings need to be in boxes and the furniture dissembled and stored.  I really don't know how people do all of this work when they have to move suddenly.  I'm still trying to figure out how we're going to be ready on time and still have time for proper goodbyes.  A good portion of June will be just that - saying goodbye to friends who live outside of Mukachevo, in Hungary and Romania.  My goal, if I can be so bold to declare one, is to be sleeping on the floor in borrowed sheets and eating off of paper plates by July 1.

Meanwhile, life continues its normal routine: homeschooling, Ukrainian lessons, dance lessons, sermon preparation (for George), Bible studies, email correspondence, almost daily visits by our two adoptees, etc., etc.

The kids are fairing well.  It's a good thing we started the conversations and emotional preparations months ago.  They are busy taking pictures and putting together memory books.  I would say we're fairly emotionally neutral at this point - as long as we don't think deeply about leaving our friends and church behind.  I still expect the grief to set in at some point.  Meanwhile, we look ahead to nearly a year in the States.  I've started making note of what I look forward to - like restaurants, fresh milk, wide streets. And what I'll miss - like walking everywhere, thick sour cream with 30% fat (that's why we have to walk everywhere), warm rolls from the bakery a few buildings down.

Here are some recent random pictures.

Elizabeth with her good friend, Abigail

Riding bikes - we are so thankful the center is now a truly pedestrian zone

Matthew surveys the renovation of the mud-brick building on the church's property
Prayer Missions International team celebrates Lord's Supper with us at church

Matthew with his friend Misha

Matthew catches a frog

Elizabeth all pretty

Abigail's new haircut

May church retreat

Abigail has her friend, Reka, sleep over