Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Experiencing a Revolution

Well, this is certainly a first for me.  The last revolution in Ukraine, the Orange Revolution, happened in 2004 while we were in the States on home service.  This time around things are different.  We are not only in Ukraine but living on the outskirts of Kyiv, the center of all the action. 

Today was the first day that we have been personally effected since the protests started on November 21.  Today our school was canceled. 

Events are changing rapidly and we have no idea what can happen.  I am impressed, however, at the stamina of the Ukrainian people to face freezing temperatures, snow, threats of reprisal, and brutal police attacks.  If ever there was a chance for change in Ukraine, now is it. 

Useful links with information explaining the current events in Ukraine:


This video gives a brief synopsis of the reasons behind the protests. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Normal

It has been an adjustment. Moving to Kiev not only landed us in a new city, a new school, and a new ministry, but a new family dynamic as well.  For the first time since getting married, I am working full-time outside the home - more like 55-60 hours a week to be more accurate.  Our role descriptions have shifted to accommodate the changes.  George does all the grocery shopping and helps the kids with homework.  The kids and I eat our main meal at school by paying for a hot Ukrainian lunch.  I cook something for George which lasts him 2-3 days and in the evening our supper consists of sandwiches, hot dogs, cream of wheat, etc. The kids' chores have increased and they are doing a great job contributing to the family with their hard work.

I LOVE teaching and really enjoy my students.  We just finished up a month long study of World War I which not only I enjoyed, but the students as well.  We made lapbooks and we all learned a lot.

We have had very little time for sightseeing but this weekend our good friends from Budapest visited so we took them to the Pechersk Lavra and thoroughly enjoyed walking through the catacombs and the exhibits (especially the miniature museum and Ukrainian folk museum). 
Kiev from the Lavra
Bell Tower at night
I have enjoyed watching the sunrise over the city from our advantage point on the outskirts of town. Sometimes this makes getting up early worth its while!