Friday, May 3, 2013

Seven Weeks of Separation

George returns to Ukraine on May 7.  The kids and I go on June 24.

I am not looking forward to 46 days of being a single parent and the kids' aren't happy about it either. :)  But we have reunification to look forward to in Kyiv!

George typically takes each of the kids out once a month for a Daddy Date.  This month they each got to miss a day of school and spend an entire day with Dad.

Matthew didn't mind getting up at 4am to go fishing on Lake Michigan, a few miles off the coastline of Chicago.  They caught one large trout and about 50 perch.  Most of the perch were too small to keep but we had two yummy fish dinners (and I don't usually like fish)! 
Matthew with the trout

Cleaning the perch

The big catch

Elizabeth went with Dad to the Children's Museum, out to lunch, and then to Chuck E Cheese to play.  On the way out the door she chanted, "I won't be scared. I won't be scared."  She came home boasting that she didn't get scared of Chuck E!

I wish it was that easy to brush her teeth!
Elizabeth couldn't sleep until she took a picture with daddy "to remember him"

Abigail gave Dad a tour of the zoo and checked on her chimpanzee from Zoo Week who, unfortunately, was sleeping.  They also got to see the new Oz movie.  Unfortunately, they didn't take any pictures besides of animals.

Yesterday we had a "Family Date" and went to Craig's Cruisers since the kids had a half-day of school and Matthew had some free activities and buffets from spinning the birthday wheel on his birthday.  It was a really fun afternoon and evening.