Monday, March 31, 2014

Call me Crazy

I had 10 hours in the car today to think about how crazy I am.  George and I chuckled as we talked about it.  Who would have ever imagined I would be driving back to Kyiv with the kids and without George under the threat of a Russian invasion?  Yeah, it sounds crazy and even I find it hard to believe.

George is out of the country for the next 12 days to lead Timothy Leadership Trainings.  We both feel it's important he does this.  We, likewise, feel it is important that the kids and I are in Kyiv and at school.

We spent days praying and talking about our options.  We sought the advice of other missionaries and US embassy families and took very seriously the concerns of many others.

How did we come to this decision?  Well, 1) school is open and we want to be here.  The kids need school and my students need a teacher.  2) The embassy hasn't given any reason to be concerned.  Our school's administration gets daily consultations from the US embassy and so far there's no reason to close school. 3) We have an evacuation plan in place and I would do the same thing whether George were here or not.  4) We have a caring community around us so we are not alone.

Most of all, we both feel at peace!  Once the decision was made to return to Kyiv following our spring break in Mukachevo, I no longer fretted or worried about the news reports.  Both of us slept well last night. Yes, there is still a very real threat of an invasion.  The good news is that for today, at least, the troops seem to have taken a step back from the border.  I will continue to be prepared to leave if we need to evacuate, but every day that we can be here and at school is a gift from God.  I am glad to be home.  I am at peace, although maybe still crazy!

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