Friday, August 10, 2012

School Through New Glasses

Thursday was open house at the kids' school.  They got to visit their classroom and meet their teachers.  They chose their seats and played on the playground.  Abigail said she is really looking forward to school.  They start on Monday!  The bus picks them up at 7:55am and drops them off at 4:04pm.

Matthew chooses to sit beside our neighbor
Matthew adds his birthday to the birthday calendar

Abigail at her desk in her classroom

Half of Elizabeth's classroom

The playroom attached to Elizabeth's classroom

Elizabeth in the play area of her classroom

The kids all like their new school.  Their teachers are very friendly and welcoming!  Everything looked great - especially through the lenses of their new glasses.  :)
Matthew and Abigail in glasses

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  1. Awww, cute. And your youngest is the spitting image of you, Sarah! I can't believe your children are ALL old enough to be in school now. Time flies!