Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bears and Caves

After 20 hours over two days, we arrived in South Dakota where we met my sister and her family.  We are staying at a campground with little cabins.  Our cabin has one room with bunk beds but is air conditioned!

We have to go to a common building for bathrooms and showers and we are cooking outdoors over a propane stove.
Rolly frying pancakes

Elizabeth and Beka read a book together

Today we visited Bear Country USA which is a drive-through park with wild animals that come up to the cars.  We saw elk...


and the highlight - bears - black bears, brown bears and grizzly bears!

but not all the bears were so intimidating
Briana and Bear Country bear

Later in the day took a one hour hike through a huge cave.

It was a wonderful day of enjoying not only the unusual encounter with wildlife and caves but the equally unusual opportunity of being together with my sister and her family!

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