Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Contagious Wedding

Slavic and Silvia have been regularly attending our church for the past year.  They had expressed an interest in joining the church but before they could become members, they had to get married.  Slavic told George once, "We don't have enough money for bread.  How could we afford a wedding?"  George encouraged them saying, "Money doesn't have to be an issue.  As a congregation, we can help."  Following the church retreat, Slavic and Silvia decided they would take the first step and register their request for the civil marriage.  They went in on Thursday expecting to receive a date at least a month later.  Instead, they were shocked to hear that since they already had two children, they could marry on Saturday!  They promptly called George and asked if he could do the church wedding on Sunday.  (A civil ceremony is necessary for a legal marriage.  A church ceremony is optional.)  The congregation sprang to action organizing a reception, wedding dress, bouquet, suit, rings, etc.

We were delighted to see Slavic and Silvia take this wedding seriously and make a lifelong commitment to each other. 

To my knowledge, no one in their extended family has legally married.  We were invited to the wedding reception on Saturday just for family and close friends.  Silvia's mom, who also has been attending our church for years, commented, "Maybe our wedding will be next."  How exciting to see God transforming the lives of children who in turn set an example for their parents!

Silvia and Slavic have taken the first step.  Next they would like to become members, be baptized and have their two daughters baptized.  May God's transforming grace continue to be at work in this couple's life and in the lives of their extended family!

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