Friday, June 21, 2013

Goodbyes Are Hard

For the past few weeks we've hosted a number of sleep-overs and the kids have been invited to birthday parties, sleep-overs and play-dates.

Abigail's sleep-over
Elizabeth against the boys
Playing Wii as part of Matthew's sleep-over activities

Zoo outing with friends

Yesterday was the last day of school.  It was a hard day with a lot of tears shed.  It was hard for me too.  Abigail begged me not to take her back to Ukraine, to please let her stay one more year at Evergreen.  She's had a very rough time saying goodbye to her teachers and friends.
Abigail opened the final chapel service

Tearful goodbye with Mr. C

Abigail says goodbye to her teachers

Elizabeth is comforted by her best friend

Matthew with his teachers

Putting on a brave face

Elizabeth with her teachers

A final picture with one of Abigail's good friends

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  1. Oh how heart breaking! I hope the transition back to life in Ukraine goes well and that you all love being in Kyiv! We'll be thinking of you often and hoping to see you in Kyiv at some point :-)!