Sunday, June 17, 2012


I had a wonderful feeling of belonging to a community yesterday.  Here's what made a busy, tiring day a good day:

* We had our "yard sale" at church yesterday to sell off things that we don't want to pack up and move.  Most of the people who came were from church. We chatted and laughed together.
* Five of them stayed afterwards to help me pack up everything that was left over.  What would have been a few hour job was cut down to less than one. 
* Another friend stopped by to say goodbye since she'll be on vacation when we leave.  I've known her nearly 14 years. 
* Arranged a play date for Elizabeth
* Since George was preparing a sermon, another friend watched the kids all day giving me time to even do some packing at home

I was exhausted by evening.  My legs ached and my back hurt.  But I had an incredibly comforting feeling of being part of a community.  I thought to myself, "I could easily spend my whole life here.  I really feel that I belong."

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