Friday, March 9, 2012

We've Been Adopted

Two young boys who we've known for years but then didn't see for a long time have reappeared in our lives.  Every day this week they have come to our house.  Today they were here at 10am while we were doing our home-schooling.  I told them to come back after lunch - after 2pm.  Every hour they returned, obviously hoping that "after lunch" would arrive sooner.  Around noon George found them lingering in the common yard behind our house.  As soon as our kids were finished with their school lessons at 1pm, we invited them in, fed them lunch (when we eat the main meal of the day), and let them play until nearly 6pm.  Upon leaving they asked if they can come tomorrow and the next (and I have a feeling every day thereafter).  I know their home situation is not good and we offer a safe place to be.  We give them something to eat.  They can play with toys and games.  But I am not sure I'm ready to take in two more kids on a regular basis.  I need to decide whether I can continue this or need to regulate it somehow.  What makes the decision difficult is that I care about these boys and feel a sense of responsibility for them since they were baptized in our church.  Sadly, their mother is no longer a member, but maybe with her kids we have a chance of continuing to show love and acceptance that could somehow penetrate into her heart once again.  For now, we have these two boys who would gladly be with us, and for now our door is open.

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  1. I also have a "guest" every Sunday :) She is a girl from our church who comes from a very poor family. I already count her in our Sunday lunch :D She comes sometimes on weekdays, too with different interesting ideas like: she wants to show her copybook :)

    It is difficult to set boundaries. I don't want to hurt her by letting her too close and then send her away.