Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Time Is It?

We turned our clocks back one hour this morning and got an extra hour of sleep.  Even the kids cooperated by staying in bed longer than usual.  But this change was apparently a very difficult one for the government of Ukraine.  It had been made into law that Ukraine would stay on daylight savings time eternally - thus making our time zone essentially Moscow time and two hours different than our western neighbor, Hungary.  In October the Upper House rescinded the decision but apparently parliament has failed to approve it.  So, what time is it?

To make matters even more complicated for those of us living on the western edge of Ukraine, ethnic Hungarians living inside the border of Ukraine function on Hungarian time which is (under normal circumstances) one hour earlier.  So, for example, you are in our town of Mukachevo and you want to meet a Hungarian-speaking person for a cup of coffee you must always clarify: "Hungarian time or Kiev time"?  Yeah, it gets confusing.

So, I really many people will be on time for church this morning.  And what actually is "on time"?

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