Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today's Riddle

For those of you who don't live in Ukraine, can you solve this riddle?

Our washing machine broke and today the repairmen came to take it away and fix it.  In the process of disconnecting the water intake, the valve broke and was spraying water everywhere with unstoppable pressure.  Water was flooding the bathroom and pouring out into the kitchen.  George yelled, "Turn off the electricity!"  How can turning off the electricity to our apartment stop the water from flowing?

Prize goes to first person not experienced with life in Ukraine who can correctly solve the riddle.  If you live or have lived in Ukraine, you're not allowed to give away the answer.


  1. LeighAnna answered this right away without any help from us! "It would turn off the water pumps."

    Steve "the engineer" answered, "it's an electric solenoid that controls a valve whose default position is closed."

    My answer is "because yelling always makes one feel better in a crisis"

  2. My husband knew the answer right away, too :) Perhaps just being European (or having travelled a lot) is enough to guess what was happening.
    I hope things get fixed quickly!!

  3. You're right! In town we have running water 5 hours a day but in order to give us 24 hour running water, George installed a water tank and pump. Under the pressure (no pun intended) I didn't come to this solution but he did! I see you both have husbands who might do the same. Thank goodness for quick, out of the ordinary thinking men! Sometimes, though, this type of crazy reasoning doesn't impress me quite so much!

  4. I thought of that right away too. Remembering the pumps from visiting. There was even one time in Romania where the electricity went off inconveniently while I was in the shower - it was a reminder of how the water depended on the electricity. Thankfully the electricity turned back on quickly and I was able to finish my shower :)