Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DayTrip to Vienna

We have been waiting around in Hungary for my new passport for a week now.  During this wait we did some homeschooling, had a cleaning at the dentist and flu shots, but we also had some unusual adventures as well.

Friday we took advantage of the close proximity of Budapest to Vienna and drove to Vienna just for the day.  We met our new CRWM colleagues working at the International Christian School of Vienna.  They took us to Schonbrunn Imperial Palace.  For the kids' sake we took the shortest tour comprising of 22 rooms and to our surprise the kids really enjoyed listening to the audio tour to the point that the four adults were left sharing two devices and the kids learned more about each room than we did.  "Princess Sissi" is Abigail's favorite princess and we learned a lot about her tragic life as Empress Elizabeth.  

In the evening we attended the Christian school's middle-school performance of Sleeping Beauty.  This was the first time the kids had watched a live performance and Elizabeth was quick to point out that the animals were only kids dressed up in costumes.  She got very nervous during the sword fight and cheered when "the bad guy is killed".  Thoroughly delightful!  I think for her mom and dad, Elizabeth was just as entertaining as the play itself. 

Today my mom is supposed to arrive and we will head back to Ukraine.  Europe was dumped in snow over the past few days and there's a mess at the airports.  Her flight is due late into Munich which may severely complicate her connection to Budapest.  Despite all the fun of the past week, we're ready to get back home.

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