Sunday, September 19, 2010

Elizabeth Turns Three

Elizabeth at 4 1/2 months old
Our baby is not a baby anymore.  She's out of diapers, without a pacifier, sleeping in a big bed, and talking up a storm. Elizabeth turned three on September 11 and we celebrated her birthday with friends the next day.  She chose an age-appropriate them of Mickey Mouse and for the party we played games, blew bubbles and ate cake and ice cream. 

That same weekend we heard of a "mini preschool" and Monday morning I took Elizabeth for her first day.  She told me, "I won't cry, Mommy" and true to her word she let me bring her in and drop her off so that I could return to homeschooling Abigail and Matthew.  She attends two mornings a week and so far loves it.  We hope it gives her a boost in learning Ukrainian.
First day of preschool

A birthday card Elizabeth received contained a poem that perfectly describes her.

What is a Little Girl
She is a bundle of sweetness,
brightness and fun
The beauty of springtime,
the warmth of the sun
She's innocence covered with mud,
sand, and soot
She's Motherhood dragging
a doll by the foot...
She's a composite picture of 
giggles and tears
Of tantrums, excitement,
amusement and fears
A bundle of mischief
and often a tease
A creature of moods
not easy to please...
Who'll capture your heart
with her pixie-like grin
Or chatter and beg till your
patience wears thin
But obedient, naughty,
mischievous or coy
She's her Mom's little Darling and
her Dad's Pride and Joy.

We love you, Elizabeth!  Happy Birthday!

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  1. I noticed the table with the handprints. We have that same table from IKEA (currently scribbled on and in need of sanding). I would love to do the same treatment with the handprints! Can you send me the verse you wrote?

    Happy Birthday Elizabeth!