Friday, August 20, 2010

"Tomorrow" Finally Delivered

For over a week - or was it two? - we've been waiting for Matthew's loft bed to be delivered.  Every time we thought TODAY would be the day, we were told "tomorrow".  I therefore decided that the word, "tomorrow", actually means "soon".  Well, yesterday we were told "tomorrow" and TODAY the bed was actually delivered! 

Since the 3 kids are sharing a bedroom and Elizabeth is nearly 3 years old and ready to move out of the crib, and I didn't want their bedroom to be full of just beds, (forgive the run-on sentence) I ordered a loft bed to be built.  Now the kids have their beds and floor space.  Once Elizabeth has adjusted to sleeping and staying put in a "big bed" we'll disassemble the crib and even more floor space will become available for the dolls' strollers, wheel-barrow, dollhouse, train track, etc, etc. 

Matthew likes his new bed but his comment at bedtime was, "I miss my bunk bed."

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  1. Glade to see that you finally received the long awaited bed!