Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Choose Life

In a rare display of unity, the Roman Catholic, Ukrainian Orthodox, Reformed, Greek Catholic, Baptist, and Russian Orthodox joined together to bring awareness to the plight of the unborn in Ukraine - specifically in our town of Mukachevo.  There is an alarming rate of abortion in our town alone.  One statistic is that 98% of women have had an abortion.

In a country where birth control is frowned upon (and considered a sin by many churches), and adoption is a near impossibility, mothers of unwanted pregnancies are left with very few options.  Most choose to abort without knowing any facts about the development of the baby growing inside them.  A doctor in our town told a pro-life advocate that he routinely performs abortions but does not consider anything under 10 weeks gestation an abortion (and does not report them as such).  He said that these procedures are nothing more than "regulating the menstrual cycle". 

In an effort to bring awareness to the development of an unborn baby and the facts surrounding abortion, hundreds of people gathered today in their churches for prayer and then before city hall to advocate for the protection of the unborn.  Together we walked to a woman's consultation clinic where bishops from the various churches spoke and the mayor himself shared words of support.  A young sapling was planted in the yard of the clinic and balloons saying "Choose Life" were released into the air.  Hundreds of pamphlets describing a baby's development in utero were passed out.

My good friend who is taking on advocating for the unborn and counseling women considering abortion as well as those who are suffering with post-abortion syndrome, had one good story to share with me.  A young woman met with her doctor to schedule an abortion.  She went home to find a new poster on display challenging mothers to choose life.  At the scheduled time for her abortion, she returned to the clinic and told her doctor that she had decided not to have the abortion as a result of seeing this poster.  It is our hope and prayer that many more women will be informed that a life is forming inside them and CHOOSE LIFE!  As George spoke with the mayor and other church leaders he advocated for medical reform, adoption law reform, and general improvement of life conditions in Ukraine.  As Christians we have a responsibility to uphold the sanctity of life for all - the elderly, working class, children, and unborn alike.

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  1. I didn't know about this event. It is great that you could be there. I was present on a similar event in Romania. Women and families are not informed about abortion, so it is important to talk about its effects. I'm glad that Mukachevo organized it.